Room rates

Hotel Rosenhof


per person per day / night in a double room
seasonfrom – tob&bhalf board
before peakApril 6th to June 30th 2020€ 59,50€ 72,50
peakJuli 1st to August 31st
November 6nd to 8th and 13th to 15th 2020
€ 63,50€ 76,50
after peakSeptember 1st to October 26th 2020€ 59,50€ 72,50

Suite: + € 10,- per person and day
Our prices are valid for a minimum stay of four days per person per day in double room.

Short holiday:
A stay for one day costs € 8 more in addition to our regular prices per person.
A stay for three days means an additional charge of €6 per person per day.

Reduction for children for a minimum stay of four days:
Children under the age of two years, that are staying in a double room with their parents for free and children from the age of six to the age of twelve get a 50% discount; children between 3 and 6 years, 75% discount.

Dog- fee:
€ 6 a day

You can pay your bill in cash or by EC card (ATM card).



All prices include a three course lunch or dinner. All rooms are equipped with a shower, a toilet, a cable TV, a telephone, air conditioning, minibar and a blow- drier. Our infrared cabine – sauna you can use for free. All prices include taxes, fees and the Neusiedlersee card from March 1th 2018 to February 28th 2018. On the day of arrival your room will be ready for you by 3 pm, on the day of departure you are expected to leave your room at 11 am.

In case you cancel your holiday during the last month before your planned arrival, we’ll issue a cancellation fee according to the rules of the Austrian ‘ Hotelreglement’.

These are our latest prices. Printing mistakes or changes of prices and offers are reserved.

Date: January 2019